Monday, April 07, 2014

...Plus Eight

Last week was quite different from most around here. The weather was fine, and the papers came and the TV worked, but it was a BIG week for guests. Allison came from their home in WA with all three sons, the newest of whom was born just this last December. And Ember came from Orinda, in the Bay area, with all three little ones, the oldest of whom (Jonah) is just turning ten, but is already five feet tall thanks to the genes of his tall maternal grandfather.
We have three bedrooms here, so it's fine for a guest or two, but hosting eight required some adjustments. People got new bunk mates and even spots on the floor with blankets and air mattresses. Mona and I were downstairs, so we no doubt missed plenty of nocturnal hub bub.
It's fun seeing all the kids becoming something different. Baby Freddie appeared to grow overnight, and showed us his good nature with lots of baby smiles and sounds. He seemed pretty easy to please. Ireland, the only girl child of the six, has become a kind of nonstop talker and has all kinds of things to talk about. Tobin, who resembles a kind of child wrestler, always has a tune going in his head, and feels free to pound on the piano. Henry surprised me by spending lots of time with Ireland, while his older brother Abe has learned quite a bit about playing tennis. Jonah is so different that we can't visualize him as anything other than a tall ten year-old. He will no doubt surprise us all some day.
I didn't go on every trip, but they included the zoo, the beach and the mall, where they have one of those bounce-till-you drop places. Lucky for everyone, our street is a dead end and has almost no traffic - just right. The grownups talked until pretty late each night, mostly about people I don't know but at least now know about.
Perhaps due to selective observation, I didn't see anyone pitch a fit or lock themselves screaming in a closet. The two moms (and the two dads, who didn't make the trip) are pretty capable people, and it shows in the kids. The whole thing wasn't life-changing by any stretch, but calling it a five day exercise in "enrichment"seems right.    


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