Sunday, January 26, 2014

More Tiny Stuff

The Super Bowl is something for which I have limited enthusiasm. The bigger the show put on by the NFL, the less there is for actual football fans to see. We've almost never had a decent reason to support one team over another.
That is, until this year. The trouble is, we have the same tenuous tie to BOTH teams in this year's game. My brother Matt lives not too far from Denver, home of the Broncos. Our daughter Allison lives within a daily commute of Seattle, where the Seahawks do their stuff.
Maybe I should restrict the rooting to the competing commercials, where the REAL financial stakes are. I still like the Volkswagen ad with the little kid in the Darth Vader costume.

If your parents hang you with the name "Carmelo", it goes without saying that there will be times you will have to back it up. Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks did just that this past week, torching the opposition for 61 points. Anthony isn't huge by NBA standards, but since he grew to be 6'8", he has probably made good use of this particular natural advantage all through life.   

The State of the Union address is Tuesday. It happens every year, so it may not be an electrifying event. What's different this time is that the Republican Party plans to make replies in THREE different speeches just to make sure we all have the chance to see what's happened to the GOP.
For those who may not recall, the Party of Lincoln has been rupturing now for several years into the "mainstream" (for lack of a better name) and the "tea party" factions. The third reply speech? That will be given by Rand Paul representing no one but himself. I don't know who will pay for it, but I suppose the bigshots at Fox News will brand it "news", in which case advertisers indirectly pay the freight. I think I'll schedule some church assignments.

Speaking of Republicans, the Arizona GOP did something a little startling this past week. Maybe they had a dinner which contained food that promotes anger. I'm not sure. In any case, they decided it was time to censure someone who has evidently harmed the Party, the nation or both. The AZ Central Committee, made up of wealthy guys reluctant for whatever reason to run for office themselves decided it was time (via voice vote) to bring the hammer down on...John NcCain? Yes, the state's senior senator has, it seems, been fraternizing with the enemy. Hard-core Communists? Unwashed hippies? Man-hating feminists? Al Qaeda operatives?
Nope. McCain's sin is having had dealings over the decades of his congressional service with the real enemy - Democrats. He's spent way too much time with the Harry Reids and Ted Kennedys of the world, talking over things like immigration reform and who knows what else. He's on their list, and not the good one. The Senator himself is still on the Strom Thurmond track until something changes. That's when you're shooting for staying in office until you hit 100 years old. I tend to think he'll be just fine without the Committee's help.  


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