Monday, March 10, 2014

Yet Another Milestone

The good folks at Blogspot have an announcement that they are willing to let me make. This is the 400th blog entry under this title, a once/week habit that now stretches back to July 2006.
This milestone causes me to look things over a bit to discover if there's anything I could do for the  readers, of which there are now, I'm guessing, well under ten - in the world.

Here are the things I promise. Anybody out there? Anybody?
     1. Make the entries a little shorter.
     2. Make entries that have some connection to things or people I might actually know. The babies of the family? Yes. Kim Jong Un? Maybe not so much.
     3. Try to be funny. Not everyone thinks the same things are funny, but I think trying to visualize Pat Robertson's nightly "meeting" with God is funny.
     4. Don't feel bound to a weekly schedule. This isn't the Sunday paper.
     5. Drop the reminder of new blog entries. They probably get greeted with rolled eyes instead of Christmas morning delight anyway. Want to read? You choose whether to do it now or next year. Gosh knows I won't ask, either.

Finally, there's what happened last week - to the Lakers. For decades, the team has been an NBA mainstay, employing a glittering array of roundball talent that even includes the player seen on the league's logo.
But there's no guarantee that it all continues, and this year, for a variety of reasons, the Lakers are more often victim than victor. Everyone hopes that it will turn around, but this season's been both long and sad.
The Lakers share an arena with the L. A. Clippers who for years were seen as an inept team in perpetual rebuilding mode owing to its feckless owner.   
But, as noted above, things can change, and they have for the Clippers, now considered one of the league's hot franchises with a load of talent and the ability to make good use of it.
Last week the two teams met, and with stunning results. The Clippers won by 55 (!) points, handing the Lakers their worst loss EVER. Oy.
These things never end, and there is more than a small chance that the Lakers will bounce back. I mean, if you were a 6'9" basketball pro paid millions every year, would you rather live in Oklahoma City, Charlotte - or Los Angeles? 


Anonymous Matt said...

Just keep doing what you are doing because, after all, you are a pretty darn good blogger. You make me laugh, I appreciate your observations, and what the heck...we are both Muskies.

2:05 PM  

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