Monday, February 10, 2014

Normal Mitt

My living has no connection to California's agricultural industry, so I was more that a little surprised to learn that last year's dry weather was, in fact, about the driest ever in the Golden State. Then this year's winter precipitation so far seemed more like a drip.
Someone at Church headquarters observed the trend. Next thing you know, we were asked to fast and pray for wetter weather on Feb. 2nd, a week ago. So, we did, knowing full well that praying for rain comes pretty easily when you've lived in Utah for over 150 years.
We haven't even had to look for rain since, because it's been all over us. It could take quite awhile to get total rainfall up to the average range, but it's nice to think that the good guys' efforts are doing someone some good. 

Our Utah trip was really too short for more than one highlight (the baptism), but we also had the chance to see the documentary which follows both Mitt for President campaigns, 2008 and 2012. In truth, the political side was given pretty light treatment in favor of showing Mitt and family in more informal moments. The resulting mix, simply named Mitt, had scenes as far back as 2006, and as late as post-election 2012.
So, there's Mitt, in all kinds of situations: getting made up, discussing election fine points with his sons and others, romping with grandchildren. Mitt, for the most part, seems quite comfortable in all this, the guy next door who always wears a white shirt and in fact lives in large hotel suites. There are a few odd moments: Mitt making ironing touch-ups on the sleeves of a shirt he's already wearing, Ann insisting nothing worries her while she takes on a little horseplay with one of her horses, and the campaign moments which by now are familiar to anyone in the world with a TV set. But, campaign aside, Mitt seems like a good man, leading family prayers and resisting the nastiest anti-Obama quips that are the bread and butter of more than one Republican family. If such a thing still existed, we'd describe him as a GOP "moderate".
But something else shows up as well. Mitt's heart has, and will always seemingly have, a soft spot for the bosses. It's where he came from, and who he knows. Everyone else? They're not exactly invisible, but they are going to succeed or fail as their bosses do, so we might as well keep the top guys rolling in it in order to have more for everyone, right? He makes a little private comment warning against leaning too hard on those at the top even though much of the evidence suggests that government has been doing the opposite. Foreign policy seems to be about the last thing on his mind. He could always call Netanyahu, right?
It's hard to come away from seeing Mitt without hoping that the family is able to stay happy as well as rich, and that Mitt, in particular, finds causes that are both worthwhile and match his formidable skill set. For the record, I still believe I voted for the best candidate for President.


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