Monday, March 24, 2014

Seen and Heard

We had something last weekend that our area hasn't had in awhile, I think. Our local exhibition hall put on a show of live professional wrestling.
I didn't make the show, but I can't help wondering: Is this a sign of an improving economy because it means people are willing to take financial risk on an unsure venture, OR is it the sign of a bad economy when  healthy male adults are forced to take on the personal risks that accompany wrestling exhibitions? I suppose I'll know in a year or two.

The Flight 370 business has people all over the world scratching their heads in an effort to know what exactly happened. I have no theories of any kind. I have noticed, however, that unlike some disasters, no one has found a way (yet!) to politicize the whole thing. But I wouldn't pretend that someone isn't trying to find a way to do just that.

I promised myself that I would try to watch more British Premier League soccer this year, and I have. Some of the games are great, and the announcers sometimes say some surprising things. Last week, a game between two league leaders became a 6-0 rout. It got my attention when one of the commentators described the losing team as having "been put to the sword". Yikes!

Finally, there's this new commercial from Taco Bell. This guy has a girlfriend. She's pretty appealing, but she has one unuaual characteristic. She's always stuffing herself with his Taco Bell food. Somehow, it's funny.


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