Friday, April 18, 2014

"Freedom" In Action

Just using the word starts the juices flowing - "freedom". It's something WE have and OTHERS wish for. But does my freedom ever get in your way? You be the judge.

You may recall the huge explosion in West, TX a year ago at a fertilizer plant. The plant existed within a quarter mile of an elementary school, which was fortunately empty, but was completely destroyed. A dozen or so people died in the blast.
Texas has close to fifty chemical plants located within a mile of schools. The state's fire marshal has been in contact with these capitalist princes advising them on ways to avoid similar disasters. But, the thing is, the operators of the plants are not required to do anything the state guys say because their role carries no power of enforcement. Nor has the state legislature stirred itself to serve anyone other than their friends paying the campaign bills, the corporate bigshots. "Nothing to see here, folks. Come on, keep moving. Your freedom to be safe? Hey, nothing's totally safe. Just leave it to us. We'll let you know if there's anything to worry about. Just be glad we're keeping those gummint guys from taking your freedom. Nowhutahmean?"

Nevada has a rancher who has used federal grazing land for decades, but has declined to pay the fees, which now top a million dollars. Rather than try to scrape up the cash, he called on all the gun-toting "freedom" guys he could, who showed up to force the government guys who had showed up to confiscate the cattle, to back off. Luckily, no shots were fired. A big victory for freedom, including the guy's right to not be called a moocher or scofflaw. You're also free to see FOX try to hype the whole thing into another excuse to vote straight GOP, if not actually join up with the Neo-rebs.     


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