Monday, January 21, 2013

Ready, Aim....

What a day for our country. We can look in both directions - to the past when Dr. King led the crusade to end legal racial bigotry, and to the future, as President Obama once again takes the Presidential Oath of Office. Hooray for us!

I had another "Only in America" moment when I saw Jeremy Lin, Chinese American, Harvard man and a player for the NBA's Houston Rockets on TV doing a commercial for...Volvo, the pride of... Sweden. I wish him well, but...who thinks these things up? And what about that commercial about a dream showing the Williams sisters playing some furious ping pong doubles using TWO balls? It makes my head spin.

The three branches of our national government are constantly in disagreement. That shouldn't be something that's insurmountable, though it often seems to be. The next big fight may come over a subject never far from the minds of large parts of the population - guns, along with their permitted features and uses.
Here are the main arguments of those who oppose restrictions to gun ownership. Most all of them are good people, but some seem to be strung...rather tightly
1. "The Constitution says I can have guns, and I agree. Anyone who doesn't may force me to use another right. which is my right to blow them away if they ever come for my guns."
2. "Guns keep us safe. This applies not just to local criminals, but also to our bad ole gum'mint, who would march on good people and grind them to powder if gun owners didn't stand in the way. But to do that, we have to be as well-armed as they are."
3.  "Making and selling guns and ammo and everything else that goes with them employs lots of people who pay taxes. Banning guns will end up with them having to go on welfare."
4. "Criminals always find ways to get guns, so any ban just applies to people who keep the law. Gun control laws get broken so much that we should just drop 'em and let people defend themselves however they want."
Now, I am aware that certain long-time readers of this blog have a preference for shorter entries, and I can respect that. I mean, War and Peace, Moby Dick and even The Bible would have lots more readers if they had just found a way to take out a million words or so. Let's leave this where it is, and take up the other side of these arguments in the next blog entry. Hasta la vista, baby.


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