Sunday, November 18, 2012

Answer My Questions....Pleeeze!

I admit it. The election to me was a pretty big deal. Big enough that I don't want to lay off writing about it yet. At the same time, this blog edition is unlike its 300 plus predecessors in that I'm asking questions this time and inviting your answers.
But first, a few little-noticed election facts. If, on election day you found yourself driving North out of Utah County in Utah (the Provo area) towards Salt Lake City (Salt Lake County), your chances of being an Obama voter are roughly quadrupled when you cross the county line. But it's not because Obama did so well in Salt Lake County. In fact, he came up just short of 40% there. But it was Democratic heaven compared to Utah County, where he got just under 10% of the popular vote. He did better in a few counties than others, of course, but carried exactly zero counties in the Beehive State.
Iowa was once dependably Republican, at least until the Civil War vets died off, and even then it usually was marked by big rural GOP vote surrounding a few Democratic pockets in certain cities. Now it looks more like the results of some political tectonic event. Every county bordering the Mississippi River in eastern Iowa was blue this time around. And every county allowing you to sink your feet in the Missouri River in the west edge of the state went red.
California and its vast ocean of voters was almost the complete opposite from Iowa. Almost every Pacific-bordering county was Democratic, and the big majority of counties bordering on its desert east were Republican. Of course, both states went Democratic overall - Iowa by 6% and California by a full 20%, so longitude doesn't explain everything.

Here are your questions. No one's name is required. Just reply at the bottom by question number. I promise not to sell results to any fundraisers.
   1 How hard was it for you to vote?
     a Doesn't apply. I voted early or by mail.
     b Went to the poll on Election Day, but was in and out pretty quickly.
     c Went to the poll and was in line a long time.
     d Something else applies. Go ahead. Tell us.
   2 What was your main election news source this time around?
     a Our local paper.
     b TV "news channels" like Fox or MSNBC
     c Twitter
     d Talk radio
     e Other (dreams, prophetic declarations, smart neighbor, etc.)
   3 The #1 issue that caused you to vote the way you did.
     a The economy, stupid.
     b War and Peace
     c Health care
     d A common trait with one candidate
     e Other (gender stuff, pulling with or against the poor, aspirations for a higher tax bracket, etc,)
   4 Were there any groups on YOUR side of the vote with whom you are NOT comfortable?
     a Tea Party
     b Radical Muslims
     c birthers
     d mis Amigos Latino. Tu sabe, gringo?
     e Nope, not as long as they carry guns.
     f Card-carrying pacifists
   5 Your opinion please, on Mitt Romney's comments to supporters last week regarding "gifts" by the president to certain groups that decided the election?
     a Agree completely
     b Borderline bitter, but forgivable given the length and divisiveness of the campaign.
     c Reveals the real Mitt as much as the "47%" comments. The biggest elitist since Dewey. Good riddance to him AND his sons, although Ann is OK. Ryan gets sent to train for his next marathon by taking long runs on icy freeways.
   6 Haven't thought about this much, but _____________ might make a good candidate in another four years.
     a Chris Christie
     b Marco Rubio
     c Hillary Clinton
     d George P. Bush (Jeb's son)
     e Steve King (the congressman, not the novelist)
     f Somebody else. Who? Remember, this is all FREE.
Hey, six questions is lightweight enough, don't you think? Pleeze (!) give it a whirl. I promise to report the results as gathered from the world. 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

1.) A
2.) D
3.) A
4.) People who do not make informed decisions.
5.) C
6.) C

Can you guess who I am Dad!!

5:30 AM  
Blogger Anna Johnston said...

1. B
2. B&D
3. A
4. I wasn't on board with republican's stance on immigration
5. A Many people voted for him not because it was the best thing for the country but because of the benefits they didn't want to loose.
6. Jake - he has always been a charmer...

6:02 AM  
Blogger allison said...

5)c but I had to go and look up said comments because, I'm busy and the election took too much of my time already
6)F John Huntsman was my fav republican candidate by far. Hilary Clinton believed in health care for everyone before it was cool.

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1.) A
2.) E (Other: NPR, WSJ, and TV)
3.) A
4.) Tough to support all of the regulation in particular growth industries on Democratic side, given state of our economy.
5.) B
6.) C (Hillary against Christie)

12:26 PM  

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