Sunday, November 11, 2012

On Deck!

The most casual readers anywhere will have no problem finding answers (though they may contradict each other) to the question now robbing Republicans of a good night's sleep - "How could we have lost? We had the skills. We had the know how. Gosh knows we had the money. We sent those same bozos back a decade in 2010. What went wrong!!" Maybe we should give it a rest for awhile.
Even so, there are some funny moments along the way we could cite. On Tuesday before any returns were in, former White House aide David Gergen cut loose with the most graphic image of the evening: "The issue of immigration," he said on CNN, "is like the chicken bone in the throat of the Republican Party." Yikes.
Karl Rove gets the "Are you dumb enough to believe THIS?" award for accusing the Obama campaign of "suppressing the vote by saying the other guy only cares about himself." Maybe we should excuse Rove, since it isn't often a man takes over $300 million of other people's money, makes big promises about the wins he's going to rack up with it, but then turns it into nothing more useful than a bonfire made of yesterday's newspapers.

Around here, the Yurok Tribe is a pretty substantial organization, and the tribal members have elections of their own. But, sad to say, no one uses Indian names anymore. This year's tribal council chairman election winner - Thomas O'Rourke. Who would have thought that a Native American tribe could have an Irish faction? And the guy he defeated? Raymond McQuillen. Well, this country DID elect Obama as president - twice.

Now, to the matter of the title subject. Like any good boy, I have weekly jobs that need doing. One of these is to take the family leaf blower and clean off the back deck. This deck is on the house's North side. It looks onto a wonderful tree-filled ravine, but the sun never gets through and it never gets warm, and so, beautiful or not, we just don't use it much.
But used or not, it has to be cleaned. Our rainy season has just begun, and when the deck is wet, it is VERY slippery. Can you see what's coming here? I was anxious to finish in time to get to work on this blog before the election, and was, I guess, in too big a hurry. Anyway, I slipped and fell - hard!  on my side onto the wooden deck, where, I can say, there isn't much "give".
Anyone know the symptoms of bruised ribs? Pain from coughing, from sneezing, from reaching with the wrong hand, from trying to get out of the car too fast and even from making certain motions in an effort to change sleeping positions? My tumble was on Monday, and it's now Sunday. I haven't played tennis now in over a week.
I could go on, but then I would risk something else - becoming a BORING old guy who thinks anyone cares about his aches and pains. Maybe it's too late already. Anyway, I'll mention it when I'm playing again.


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