Saturday, December 29, 2012

It's Not Fair!

Philosophers and heavyweight novelists have told us over the centuries that trying to know why some people seem blessed day by day while other, just as virtuous, folks seem to get the other end of the stick is an exercise in wasted time. I can agree with that, but why, then, do we keep trying to figure it all out?

For instance, there's the matter of MMA (mixed martial arts) athletes who work very hard to compete in a sport that has very few rules, and in which the losers invariably find themselves uglier than before the bell rang. What's more, compared to other pro athletes today, MMA fighters are quite modestly paid. Not Fair!

A dentist in Iowa found it necessary to fire an assistant who had worked for him a full ten years, not because she had broken any office rules or fouled up in her duties, but because the dentist couldn't help being attracted to her, a fact which was made known to his wife. The assistant protested to the courts, but the (all male) Iowa Supreme Court ruled unanimously for the Doc. The Court's only discouraging word was to mildly chide him for the cheapskate offer of one month's severance pay to his former helper. Not Fair!

You may have heard that the hapless soon-to-be former leaders of the bankrupt Hostess want to make sure their end gets taken care of by demanding BONUSES before they lock the doors on the way out. Even more amazingly, it turns out that one method used by the feckless bosses to stay afloat was to treat union pension money as working capital. The now unemployed bakers, we are told, have NO recourse to recover the funds. Not Fair! 

A student at Clemson University took on a project to see what might be done to help local turtles in South Carolina cross roads more safely. His research led to a rather dark conclusion - about human beings. The data showed that about one out of fifty motorists would deliberately attempt to drive over the turtle models he used. Since there was no interviews of the motorists, it's hard to know what they were thinking when trying to squash the innocent amphibians. All I know - is that It's Not Fair! 

Finally, there's ah, me. I woke up a week ago to see in the mirror an image which seemed to show my face saying "I've fallen, and I can't get up." I went to get things checked out, and learned that this year, on top of yanked teeth, bruised ribs and drilled fillings, I can ad Bell's Palsy to the list. It isn't fatal, permanent, contagious or even painful. So what is it? Even putting aside that it makes me look like a combination MMA loser and smashed turtle, It's Not Fair!



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