Monday, October 22, 2012

No Big Surprise

I've said before that when people are running for president, everything, down to necktie colors, is done to serve a political purpose. In watching the 11/22 debate, I noticed something. Romney sported a red and silver striped tie, which happen to be the colors of ...The Ohio State University. Whether it was enough to swing some votes in the Buckeye State is another question. 

The battle between people and animals in our neighborhood for (very) local dominance continues. Last week the animals scored one by turning a cooling birthday cake into an evening raccoon snack. But it wasn't a total loss. We managed to keep the frosting.

Now, as to what's not a big surprise. It's time for an official left-handed election endorsement, and mine is for President Obama. No big surprise, but, given the emphasis this blog has on political matters, readers deserve to know why. Here are ten reasons, and anything that touches on humor here is purely, ah, accidental.:
   1. Instead of groowing every year, the annual budget deficit will continue to get smaller, as it has each year under the Obama administration. As for balancing the budget, so far Obama and Reagan are tied - it hasn't happened for either one.
   2. Since Republicans won't be in charge, there will be little machismo-driven push for yet another war.
   3. John "The Stash" Bolton will be kept from becoming the Secretary of State and thus having the opportunity to push the interests of defense contractors (see #2) every day.
   4. There will be a greater chance that the top marginal income tax rate will return to the Golden Age - of the Clinton Administration.
   5. The chance of complete domination of the three branches of government by Wall Street and banks will be reduced.
   6. Donald Trump will not be the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Neither will he be in charge of diplomacy in any capacity.
   7. Medicare will not turn into the latest place for private industry to shoot fish in a barrel.
   8. Social Security also remains in the public arena, and needed adjustments can be more easily made.
   9. The Affordable Care Act will come into full force on schedule since the Supreme Court declined to put it under the ripsaw.
   10. No thousand dollar "Re-elect Mitt" pony rides at the White House.

Convinced yet? No? Need a few more reasons to sneak a (D) vote into the box in your neighborhood? OK. Here are some more:
   11. Some hope remains for the 47% of the country Romney has no use for.
   12. No conflict of interest in passing and enforcing reasonable regulations on businesses involved in things like food, gas drilling and banking.
   13. If the #1 goal of the Republican House members (defeat of Obama) is removed, they night just discover that their constituents like it when their problems receive attention.
  14. Fewer boots. More (if needed) drones.
  15. No Social Security funds invested in pork bellies or credit default swaps.
  16. No goofy amendments proposed to the Constitution involving a national language or desecration of the US flag.
  17. Attention more likely to be given to the GOP semi-secret plan to restrict voting on a state-by-state basis.      
  18. More jobs and minds dedicated to alternate energy options.
  19. Let's keep a president who we can depend on not changing his mind every few weeks.
  20. Neither Grover Norquist nor Rush Limbaugh becomes de-facto president. The real Grover stays on PBS with his pals from Sesame Street.
If that's not enough, then I'm sorry for having wasted anyone's time. If it is enough, here's hoping your plan to avoid a long, long line to the polls works. 


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