Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Back

The football gods can give it to you one week, then take it away the next. Last weekend was especially painful because my two favorite teams, Iowa and BYU both managed to lose by one point. The Hawkeyes had taken control, but then an onside kick bounced the wrong way leading to the opposing Central Michigan Chippewas connecting on a 48 yard field goal, while the Cougars had finally put together a successful scoring drive against Boise State, but then failed on an attempted 2-point conversion, and had no remaining timeouts. What can you say? Aaacckk!!

Just a few weeks ago I had some words opposing Tim Pawlenty's snarky remark about the President being like the tattoo you later regret getting. Last week the ex guv stole headlines for a few minutes, announcing that he was leaving the Romney campaign in order to join the nation's largest banking industry lobby. The next time we'll hear from him? Probably never.

Regular readers of this space will recall that last week I had decided to send e-mails to a few of my old high school class members. I did send out a half dozen or so messages, with just one delivery failure. And I got some replies, too:
     Our class valedictorian and a fellow member of the debate club has now been a judge in Tampa, FL for over 20 years. He had a role in the Terry Schiavo case, which you may recall was one of the signs during the last decade that the Republican Party had gone bat crazy. Chris has gone through almost his whole life with one eye having lost one as a very young child. The class could have done a lot worse than having him as our scholarly leader.
     Gerry (for some reason not named "Gary") was also a debater who I seem to recall for his dour outlook on life. He's retired now and living in Baltimore, where they finally have a baseball team that can get the job done. Gerry and his wife are considering living out their days in Europe. Neither Chris or Gerry attended the reunion.
     I don't know how many people go through the 9th grade involved in a romantic relationship, but I did - with Carol, one of a local doctor's daughters. I e-mailed her mainly to apologize for any past offenses still bugging her from the early 60's. Luckily, she holds no grudges, finding happiness living in rural Illinois.

Election Day is fast approaching, and I suppose I'll have more on the subject in coming weeks. But one thing that never fails to amaze me is what odd conclusions my in-laws reach concerning these things. They're all fine people (who never read this blog), but - what they say! One has concluded that all "moral" people should be unitedly for Mitt. Another forwards a plea for a day of fasting and prayers, also for Mitt. Honestly, I just never know what they are thinking in their never ending quest to show great piety by letting it cross into the secular. Sometimes I think they feel that the most bizarre opinions prove that they possess unassailable divine devotion.      



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