Monday, February 15, 2010

V-Day? P-Day?

Have Valentines Day and Presidents Day ever been consecutive before? I suppose they have, but I guess just to ask the question means it isn't too important.

Marking the former, the Old Guy quartet (not our actual name) regrouped again to provide singing valentines all over town to raise scholarship funds. I'm still the tenor. Our leader, Mac, who recently turned 80 years old, is such a nice guy that he had us sing for a teenage girl at the local high school in the MIDDLE of biology class even though her boyfriend had no money. Yes, we're still wearing the garish embroidered vests with pink shirts. I'm not sure how much we took in, but we must have made a dozen or more stops in just a day.

In honor of the latter, have you heard about the mysterious billboard in Minnesota with G. W. Bush's picture and the question "Do you miss me yet?" Speaking only for myself, I do miss some of the funny things the Bush Administration used to do in the cause of neo-conservatism, but Bush and (even more) Cheney are well down the list of things I want back. Cheney especially seems to refuse to stop defending his boss's eight-year cascade of bad decisions. I want my country's VP to be smiling and shaking hands at the Olympic Games, not secretly plotting against real AND pretend enemies - the ones with a (D) attached to their Congressional I.D. What was it Republicans used to say with such glee- "Elections have consequences"? This means you, Dick. Go away.

From the Department of: Meet the New Boss - Same as the Old Boss: I noticed a headline in the paper last week. It went something like "Iranians Mark Revolution Anniversary by Cracking Down on Protests". Well, they never said they were actually replacing the Shah with anything like democracy, but perhaps someone should mention that merely pretending that everyone agrees with the government heavies doesn't mean they actually do - or that they should.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must be a strange place in which to live. The color red and things that are heart-shaped are legal there - most of the time. They are not legal during the days preceding Valentines Day, which is thought to be another corrupt Western idea aimed at ruining the flower of Saudi youth. The royal bigshots back this up by permitting quasi-official religious thugs to rough up merchants who ignore this little edict. It's a bit like this country would be if Phyllis Schlafly had been elected President For Life. And hooking up with the Saudis seems like having a group of short-tempered, knob-headed, blaster-wielding Klingons as your best pals. Not much fun.


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