Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On

I just can't resist the urge to start this week with Sarah Palin. According to someone in the McCain campaign, Governor P was surprisingly calm upon receiving the news of her choice as VP candidate. When asked, she calmly said that it was "God's will." This, if true, causes me to wonder whether she was, at that moment, thinking of Bush's alleged claim as governor that "God wants me to be president" OR that she was using the moment to cast herself in the role of Joan of Arc. BTW, in this space exactly six months ago I said she was bound for FOX News and a book deal. I got the order wrong, but that's all. Of course, I was not alone in making that prediction.

Our little city is sort of famous again, this time for last Saturday's 6.5 earthquake. I was in a well-built church at the time, and while we all felt some shakes, we didn't get a clear idea of local damage, and may not for awhile. The meeting that was about to start went ahead with the only interruptions coming from cell phones.
But to answer the question "What's shakin'?" completely, you have to look around at home, where we took a little hit. We lost a mirror, but thankfully it wasn't the big one we just had fixed last year. A little Hummel figure still strums a mandolin, but does so without a head. A large bookcase pitched forward making its repositioning in the home both easier and more likely. Our flimsy arrangement of two liter water containers went down like bowling pins and, with a few other things, found new spots on the garage floor.
But it was the bathroom, specifically, the one I normally use that had the most damage - not to the bathroom itself, but to the bottle collection housed within. Notice I didn't call it a collection of "rare" or "antique" bottles. Mainly they were just bottles with unusual shapes or colors bought mostly at the now-defunct flea market by the bay or at local garage sales. The collection came to around fifty, and half of those may be gone. Maybe it wasn't too smart to put them above the shower and in the bathroom window, but space in the room was getting tight. The plastic animal collection fared better, though the silverback gorilla no longer surmounts the burned out lightbulb above the sink and the two sharks may need a new spot in which to pretend to swim. I'm happy to say no tennis equipment, current or vintage, was damaged. I'm pretty sure the books are all still readable. And so, as we always tell ourselves no matter what degree of horror we are enduring, we can say "We were lucky. It could have been worse."


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