Monday, January 04, 2010

As the New Year Begins...

I don't want anyone to get the wrong impression, but I admit to having watched a few football games (I think they're called "bowls") the past few days. I noticed first that the tattoo segment of the economy must be doing very well as judged by what's covering the players' brawny arms. And did anyone else notice that those black patches worn under the eyes by players can now be altered to transmit a readable message to viewers? I saw a couple that referred to Bible verses. I guess that's better than promoting a bar or surfboard shop. I suppose it's just a matter of time, though, before someone puts tattooed arrows on his face which point to the black patches. That is, unless the NCAA starts making new rules.

Some of us aging tennis players were recently discussing the subject of Tiger Woods and his current round of sex addiction therapy. We wondered if such therapy might make use of pictures of famous but not necessarily very attractive women. Janet Reno, Madeleine Albright, Clinton-hater Linda Tripp and former Israeli PM Golda Meir were mentioned. We decided that we want no part of such therapy if it can possibly be avoided.

Now, try to imagine that you are representing a huge company which is negotiating to buy the assets of a smaller one. On the other side of the table, representing the targeted company, is a huge, shirtless green man. He's angry, and his anger is directed squarely at YOU. At one point in the negotiations he brings his mighty fist (the size and consistency of a bowling ball) down on the table, which shatters it into little bits of kindling. "Hulk not want to join silly Mouse company!" he thunders, in a voice loud enough to carry into the next county. "Hulk need MORE MONEY!!" I'm not sure that this little scenario bears any relationship to reality, but what is undeniable is that The Disney Company just finished its purchase of Marvel Comics for $4.24 billion. Maybe Wolverine will get his own Christmas special on ABC-TV next year.


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