Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sometimes I'm Right

I understand that it has been an inferno-like summer for lots of people. The truth is, we here have also broken some heat records. This past week, temps soared into ...the 70's. And yes, some people thought that was bad enough to gripe about. Sure, it rains quite a bit here, but I will NEVER complain about our climate. Heck, I've known steamy days in Iowa when the overnight temp never went under 70.

If you were to set out to construct a top female tennis player, whatever you came up with would NOT, in all probability, resemble Marion Bartoli. She's not tall OR fast OR powerful, nor does she hit blinding serves. To some people she's even a little...chunky.
So what has Bartoli done in her career? She's been a steady performer in the world's top twenty and she won the last Wimbledon tournament not two months ago. All agree that, inch for inch, she has gotten everything possible out of her unimpressive body.
She retired abruptly last week, giving in to a collection of injuries that might bring down a horse. And why not? She's made plenty of money, is well liked by the people who know her and has plenty of years left in which to enjoy life. She's only 28. Her career went 13 years, not including the years it took to prepare to turn pro. One other possibility exists. Sometimes players, especially women, come out of retirement. Regardless, let's hope her future is pain-free and happy.

Two things our area is known for intersected in an odd way this month. I've written before about the local semipro baseball team, the Humboldt Crabs, operating now for almost 70 years. They had another great season this year under manager Matt Nutter. But Nutter himself was arrested last week when police found something like 300 marijuana plants at his home. All I can say is - Say it ain't so, Matt!

Still in the file of icky stuff, we are now among the few families anywhere to have ties to both the nation's top party school, though I can't remember who measures these things or how, and the school best known for a social life that's substance-free. At one end is the University of Iowa, with BYU at the other end. Filling in who fits where should be beyond easy. Hey, where's Chico State, Wisconsin and Penn State when you need them!

Now I know what you're thinking. What does all this have to do with this week's title? I could point out that certain states in which "y'all" is used as a word have dived with glee into the "we'll stop voter fraud even if WE are the only ones left who can vote" group. North Carolina is the latest to set up hurdles to stop would-be voters from ruining their GOP paradise. But that, I have to say, was going to happen as soon as the Supreme Court gave their "Y'all go right ahead" to such plans. Sure, I predicted it, but so did lots of others.

Let's return to tennis. Not long ago, I pointed out in this very space that Maria Sharapova hiring Jimmy Conners as her coach seemed to be a match that carried certain risks. Sure enough, whatever advice Ms. S. got from Jimbo, it didn't help her in her very next match, a loss. The next day, Conners was fired and sent packing. Yikes! I have no predictions who will get the job next, but I advise whoever it is to order a very expensive meal before the first practice begins.            


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