Monday, June 17, 2013

Tales of the Far Right

I saw a photo last week of an older gentleman, long off his diet and sporting a long white beard. He  held a dangerous-looking weapon with an ammo clip several inches long. The photo was meant to accompany a story on the alleged ammo shortage, which is the latest concern of those who go to bed wondering what the President's next plan to enslave them might be. But this particular photo was also subject to satirical treatment, and could have (though it didn't) carried the caption "When Santas Go Bad". Yikes!

The photo wasn't even the only Yuletide-related news of the week. In Texas, the state legislature's been working pretty hard. No, not at creating jobs, jobs, jobs, though they aren't above traveling to other states to try to get companies to move their jobs to Texas. No, this time, there was Governor Rick Parry signing legislation that GUAR-ON-TEES that wishing someone "Merry Christmas" (or, in a nod to  Jewish Texans "Happy Chanukah") will never be illegal. Really. You can't make this stuff up. It must have been a dark day for the members of TACACC - Texas Anti-Christmas and Chanukah Cabal. OK. That part I did make up.
But I'm telling the truth in relating that a day after the big celebration in Austin, Governor P. was part of a Washington Conference that pretends each year to be religious in nature, but, in fact, is just another wing of today's fractured GOP. The Guv probably assumed that no one remembered his less-than-overwhelming performance as a presidential candidate, and he may have been right. But then he must have jogged some memories by confusing Lebanon with Libya during his speech attacking the Obama administration.
I guess I run the risk of sounding like a cranky old liberal, but I continue to be amazed at the short memories of people on the other side. One election cycle after another, the same overpaid, overexposed (mostly) guys throw out predictions as if they're paid by the word, which they probably are. They keep getting it wrong, but then keep reappearing like vampires to say the same things the next time around..
Then there's the other aspect to all the Obama hating out there. Lots of accusations don't really start with one person but come out of an ooze of rumor, gossip and general slander no one wants to claim, but everyone wants to exploit. Anyone remember these?:
     Obama wasn't born in the US.
     Obama is a Muslim.
     Obama is a Christian, but belonged to a church that wants to overthrow the government.
     Michele Obama "hates" America.
     Obama is tied to 1960's left-wing radicals.
     Obama is tied to hiphop/socialist/Marxist/Hollywood/NBA culture which will exclude all others.
     Obama has billionaire support.
     Benghazi was an Obama plot to have Americans killed.
     Obama's healthcare plan will ruin the nation.
     Obama will preside over the death of Wall Street/private enterprise as we now know it.
     Obama funneled stimulus money to friends and family.
     The Obama family spends hundreds of millions on taxpayer-financed vacations.
     Obama is shrinking US defense spending to allow foreign takeover.
     Unlike GWB, Obama tells lies all the time.
     The last election was won by illegals trucked to the polls and allowed to vote.
And on and on and on. The House Speaker claims he backs measures for job creation, but spends the legislators' time voting to undo Obamacare about forty times and trying to ban every abortion, everywhere. I fear the main (perhaps only) job of any importance to them is their own, which they have tried to guarantee by clever redistricting in their home states aimed at making their next campaign easier if not cheaper. As for the truth, it was a casualty of the last campaign. If we tell enough tales, everyone will believe at least ONE of them, right?  



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