Monday, July 08, 2013


Last week, I indicated that states with GOP-controlled legislatures now have (according to the Supreme Court) the authority to make some strange demands on would-be voters which could change voter turnout to help or hinder candidates. I wrote that it's clearly in the Republican's interest to try to limit voting by certain groups while throwing the doors to the polls wide open for others.
Here's some proof. In Texas, an ID is now required of anyone showing up to vote. I don't know all the ways of meeting this requirement, but two that won't work are student IDs or an ID as a disabled veteran. So, what works better? If you have a concealed weapons license, you, my friend, are good to go. Could the Lone Star State folks make it any clearer just who they want to see on Election Day?
Here's another clue, also from Texas. There's a plan to reduce the number of polling places in the Houston area. It just so happens that the poll for the "minority" side of town would serve ten times the number of voters as the poll proposed for the "whiter" side. Where would you guess the wait for voting could be much longer? I say it again. This type of election management can be described with one word - "wrong". If you insist on two words, "morally wrong".

The big Wimbledon tournament wrapped up yesterday. I can't say just why, but those tough Polish names were pretty prominent throughout. If you already knew "Radwanska", you had to get to know "Lisicki" and "Janowitz". The winners turned out to be Murray, a Scot, and Bartoli, a French woman  with an Italian-sounding name. American names (if there is such a thing) mostly disappeared by the fourth round, the exception being the Bryan brothers, who won the men's doubles again.

And I'm still playing, despite no longer being young for even the Supreme Court. In fact, I played six days last week. Some of the other players are getting older, too. One frequent opponent gets handicapped parking -  and we played singles! The results? Ah, don't ask. For what it's worth, I usually kill him in doubles depending, of course, on who we have for partners. It's still great to have  a hand in a sport usually dominated by younger people. The day I'm forced to take up walking in the Mall as a "sport" will be a sad one.       


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