Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Our Back-to-School Sale!

All right, I know no one's going to school for two or three weeks, but the phrase just somehow got stuck in my head. Can you stand one last World Cup laugh? I saw a cartoon with a scene at the "Home for Retired Soccer Players", who were being entertained by the Vuvuzela Trio. As the abusive triple monotone sounds filled the air, one of the aging strikers was thinking "Please. Just shoot me."

One grandson, age five, asks so many questions that his poor mother has given him permission to call ME for answers. Naturally, I'm thrilled with this, though I'm finding that communicating over the generations can be tricky. He called once wanting to know "what Darth Vader eats". I sent him an e-mail. He can't read yet, but the answer I gave was a little complicated, and I felt that this would be the best way to deliver the answer, with a little parental help. It turns out that I misunderstood his question, which was really "How does Darth Vader get food through the helmet he wears and into his mouth?" I want to try this again before he becomes a teenager.

I hope someone recalls my stated opposition to the Supreme Court decision which allows a corporate "person" to make unlimited ad contributions on behalf of a political candidate. It didn't take long for "Mr." Target, through a fuzzy-named subsidiary, to decide that "he" favors the Republican for the governor of Minnesota. I can't wait to hear how the oil, coal and other sometime polluters think about this and I may not vote at all unless I'm sure of where the two wise men, Goldman and Sachs, stand. You can trust them because they'll never ask for contributions, even if they run themselves!

Finally, I pose the following not-completely-theoretical question: If your old party had been turned out of office and seemed unsure of its tactics, undecided about its keaders and disunited about most things except to declare that anything new is "wrong for America", would you consider going...on vacation? I don't mean a real trip, but an ideological one that brings you to the door marked "Tea Party"? You could pretend to be bipartisan, even though there are next to no Democrats within the T.P. group, and you could be a little self- righteous as you called for voters to throw out ALL those "career politicians" who seem to inhabit their seats for life. You could call agin for "term limits", then forget you ever supported the idea once your guy gets safely "in". You could leave all that phoning and mailing to someone else for a change until you came back from your "trip" in another month or so. Then, if the GOP has a big day, you could say that it was the T.P. group that made the difference. If it has a lousy day, you could say it proves the "moral bankruptcy" of the two party system. Yup, this "vacation" stuff is a sure winner, and you'll have plenty left for anything you need for "back to school".


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