Tuesday, June 01, 2010

In Da News

Once in awhile we do some traveling, and this often leads us to pullovers at truck stops. There you can find some of the world's ugliest t-shirts and baseball caps. They must sell or something else would be on the shelves, but why do truck drivers, good and capable people though they nay be, feel that the hats and shirts will suddenly look good on THEM?

If someone put a gun to my head and demanded that I tell everything I know about heavy metal music, I'm sure I couldn't come up with much. Guys like me just aren't the target market. In fact, if it ever came out that a certain heavy metal group was a hit with older folks, it would no doubt be the end of their existence.
What I could sputter out to the above-mentioned gun wielder would be that there is a famous heavy metal group from Des Moines, Iowa called Slipknot, who always perform wearing scary-looking masks.
You might have heard that the band lost their bassist last week, the victim of a probable suicide. The bad news, picked up by our local paper, read like a list of celebrity suicide cliches made old by Jimi Hendryx, Janis Joplin, Curt Cobain and others. What can we say? Rest in peace, Paul.
But there is a point to this, at which we have a little laugh. The article was actually dominated by a picture of the late bassist, although he was wearing one of those old-fashoined eyes-only plastic hockey goalie masks. You literally can't tell whether someone wearing such a mask is Pee Wee, Shaq or Angelina Jolie, so the picture actually serves no purpose at all.
What's even MORE odd is that whoever's behind the mask in the picture is also wearing a sportcoat, dress shirt and necktie, giving a message along the lines of "Sure, I'm demonic, but I'M NO SLOB!!"
Papers get published every day, and it's hard to say if anything in all this was deliberate, or whether we're just left with this little chuckle as a result of someone unintentionally slappping it together with a picture, weird though it may have been. To me, it's one more reason to read the daily paper in order to be up to speed with "da news".


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