Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer, Summer, Summer!

There was an ugly moment at the local tennis courts last week. A guy was yelling at his doubles partner over something with no meaning beyond the moment itself. No swearing, but it was loud enough to be disturbing. The most disturbing part is that it was me doing the yelling, which was worse than any I had actually heard there in almost five years of playing at the park. I managed a half sincere apology, but only really suffered when the other guy's play improved during the week and he beat me with another partner.

The KIA Soul is kind of an odd-looking vehicle, and so it can't be sold in the usual way. For some reason, the ad agency handling the TV ads has a group of hip hop, people-size rodents (Rats? Maybe.) showing off the Soul while posing a rapper's choice: "You can go with this "(the Soul) " or you can go with that" (a toaster on wheels). I can't just say why, but it's so over-the-top that it's pretty funny. Funny enough to consider buying the car? Well, funny enough to make you read read about the commercials, anyway.

Most people by now have read something about the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, but one thing I guarantee is that you haven't read anything Dick Cheney has had to say on the subject. Doesn't that seem odd? Wasn't one of Cheney's claims to fame a reputation as a one time sharpie in the oil business? We're talking about a guy who had no qualms defending torture in public. All I can conclude is that he knows someone else knows he helped open some doors for BP as vice president, and that he'd rather now walk away quietly from the whole stinking situation.

Finally, the FIFA World Cup competition has begun. In a light-hearted effort to prove we're aren't just a pair of rural American rubes, the wife and I had a draft of ten teams each to see who's the better judge of the "beautiful game" as it's played on the world's biggest stage. I won't give the whole lists for each of us, but she has her hopes on Italy, England, Spain and the Netherlands. I counter with Brazil, Germany, France, Argentina and the USA. I like my chances, though it's really just pretending to be experts that's fun. We'll never be more than outsiders in soccer, wondering how that Latin guy manages to make his "Gooooaaaallll" call last most of a minute. Hey, how does he do that?


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