Thursday, September 06, 2007

More Summer Bits

I didn't have a chance to watch the EWG from New Hampshire last night. From now on I guess the term should be the NWG. As someone once said, they ran the range all the way from "A" to "B". What am I referring to? Republican candidates for president. The Eight White Guys in their last co-appearance before becoming Nine with the addition of Fred "I Make More Money PLAYING A Prosecutor" Thompson. Too bad. I kind of liked the guy's "Law and Order" character. Any nominees for his replacement? I'm torn between Tony Danza and Paul Reubens.
Mitt Romney was there too. He was pitching the "whatever you guys want" solution which lets each state decide how it will handle abortions. Besides creating state line clinics for that very purpose, does this solution seem familiar? Bingo if you thought "Wasn't that the Stephen A. Douglas solution for how to handle slavery back when he and Lincoln were matched up in a Senate campaign?" Seems like the Little Giant won that one, but then lost the Big one later.

The NFL season begins tonight. Should we give them the title "World's Richest and Most Successful Pro Sports Association"? It certainly has its ugly underside, but lots of people just can't seem to live without it. Even around here, where local football barely makes the top 20 of things to talk about, you see plenty of decals for the Forty Niners and Raiders, two down-in-the-mouth franchises, at least for the present. I even caught a semi-sick joke: Michael Vick (the quarterback) is going to serve two years in jail. If that doesn't seem very long, you have to remember that it's 14 dog years. Are you ready for some f'ball?

I have an extended family relative, a fine woman with a big heart, who somehow got it into her head that she had to have opinions about things she knows almost nothing about. It would be as if I had to make sure everyone knew how I feel about bedroom color coordination and holiday recipes. She believes that all pro sports are rigged, and nothing I say has any impact. Next time I see her I think I'll ask why "they" would want to fix tennis in such a way that the word's top player is a guy from ...Switzerland? And why the world's top female player hails from ...Belgium? You can judge for yourself whether they are good people (in the event that you would care), but you can't argue much against all those "W"'s rung up by Federer and Henin, respectively. The US Open concludes this weekend.

Finally, Luciano Pavarotti passed away. He was one of those people who could be described as "larger than life", and not just because he was a big guy. Lots of things in the world of opera are big, but he was one of the few opera stars known the world over - a little like Arnold S. being famous even before he took up acting. Anyway, the Three Tenors are down to Two or maybe just two. Good thing we have him recorded, because he really earned all those "bravos".


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