Monday, July 16, 2007

Grandpa's GOP

Warning: The following makes little attempt to be fair and balanced.

Anyone recall Reagan's line about switching to the Republican Party from the Democratic Party? It went something like "I didn't leave the Party. It left me." That one has had lots of use in the last quarter century, but if current trends are any indication (and they frequently are not), the movement today is back toward the Dems and away from Bush's extreme view of what the GOP ought to be. Let's compare views from the everyday Republican of the 1960's to the "neocon" views today's Republicans are required to swallow. The issue is in caps, with the 60's version marked "GGOP" (Grandpa's GOP), and today's marked "NCV" (neocon vision).
GGOP - I wish our Party could be the majority some day, but rules are rules.
NCV - An effort is made to change House rules to allow a leader under indictment to continue to serve as leader.
GGOP - We have to stop Communism before it takes over the world, even if it means war.
NCV - We can attack any country anywhere if we feel it is a potential threat.
GGOP - Our government has to live within a budget, just like a business or a family.
NCV - Our kids will have to pay for these deficits, and we're going to keep the war "off the books", but I'm keeping my tax cut.
GGOP - We'll show the Russians by putting a man on the moon someday, and I've heard a safe cigarette is just around the corner.
NCV - ( from the former Surgeon General) Science is routinely subordinated to ideology, theology and partisan advantage.
GGOP - People of all races should be allowed to have a chance to make a better life for themselves in this great country.
NCV - We're packing the courts with friendly judges to cut back all those liberal restrictions that are holding some of our people back.
GGOP - Is it true what I've heard about Mr. Hoover keeping information about some of those Washington perverts?
NCV - We need no warrants to snoop on anyone we please. Of course, this is all for your safety. And the Attorney General agrees. Beyond that, we have nothing to say.
GGOP - You mean some people actually....ooohhhh. I had no idea. Really?
NCV - The War on Terror is never going to end, and neither is our effort to make sure who's with us and who isn't. That's what we all want, right?
GGOP - I hope we can get out the vote on Election Day. I'm going to volunteer.
NCV - Mr. Rove assures me that our voting supression plans in key cities will pay off. And then there's the voting machines. If that isn't enough, we've got the Supreme Court ready to rule.
GGOP - I sure like our minister. He says it's our Christian duty to be active in the community.
NCV - Here are the Party doctrines, I mean, platform planks that will save our families! Has everyone remembered to pray for our Party and its leaders?


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