Thursday, July 05, 2007

At the Store

Before launching into the issue of the week, I note two things. First, this blog has now surpassed 50 entries. They tell us at church to make daily personal journal entries, but endlessly putting down "Played a little tennis. Weather temperate"...would be pretty dull. You get this instead.
Secondly, isn't it great to see that the President, after so many years of indifference towards criminals of every stripe, has changed his tune when it comes to one criminal, Scooter Libby, who used to work in Mr. Cheney's office. Libby won't be seeing hard or even semi-tough time due to a presidential commutation removing his prison sentence. I suppose the President knew about Mr. Libby's large legal defense fund, but he cited the family's suffering in his commutation message. The quarter million dollar fine stuck, but was luckily paid before the Libbys' finances forced them onto food stamps. Can we guess Scooter's next employer? How about second banana for Tony Snow on FOX when the latter's White House flack gig dries up. Valerie Plame, the victim so often overlooked in this long story, has yet to get a word of apology from the tough guys in the administration, who are only allowed sympathy for Scooter and family.

I had occasion to wait at the exit of our biggest local supermarket recently. I was sitting trying to do two things at once: observe the people passing through and read a surprising little tract I found amongst the free printed stuff.
The groceries were flying out the door in shopping carts strained to the bending point. Of course, some people only buy once a year, but I saw plenty of evidence of that obesity thing the skinny newsfolk keep talking about. And it's been another good year for the tatoo artists, what with all the excess skin. Does it seem odd that people who care deeply about how they are seen by others could be so uninterested in how they appear to each other in broad daylight? Sorry-I didn't mean to seem like some kind of snobbish color man for Bill O'Reilly.
Then there was the tract. It looked at first glance like a local fishing guide for "Steelheads", but turned out to be about 15 separately written articles in support of the 9/11 Truth Movement totaling around 50 pages. They weren't all great pieces of journalism, but some were pretty good. I was surprised that such a thing even existed, like a kind of average man's official guide to government treachery, AND that it was filled throughout with the most normal looking ads for small businesses of every kind that you could imagine. I guess we really DO live in a corner of the country reserved for aging liberals at peace with themselves, but not with the Bushies.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

After all their crimes in office, Bush and Cheney will never be impeached. Why? Because so-called Democrats like Congressman Mike Thompson are opposed to impeachment. Why? Because Mike Thompson takes the big time corporate cash too. Really, Bush & Cheney & Thompson are on the same side. And the destruction of Iraq continues.

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