Wednesday, February 29, 2012

As I Keep Saying...

Every week on the way through the computer way stations that end with me staring at a blank "page" is a thing called the "Blogger Dashboard". Among the items there is the number of blog entries previously made under this name. That number today says "299", and so this makes the 300th blog entry, compiled over about six years.
I try to make an entry every week, with top priority going to politics, sports and cultural matters. I've been known to attempt humor, though everyone has their own idea of what "funny" is. If I'm writing about something I don't understand, I try to admit my ignorance up front. At any rate, I plan to keep going in hopes that people read it and find something that makes them go "Hmmmmm". If nothing else, Mona is spared having to listen to every idea fragment passing through my mind.

This morning the headlines say that Mitt Romney has won two Republican presidential primaries - Michigan and Arizona. Defeats certainly cause a person to rethink strategy no matter what the contest involves, but what about victories? Does a win, for instance, ratify some consultant's idea of having Mitt wear jeans during campaign stops in order to make clear what a down-to-earth regular guy he is? What about going to a NASCAR race site (Daytona, FL) even though he had to admit that while he knew an owner or two with entries in the race, he had never met any of the drivers?
sharing a stage with the grungy-looking Kid Rock a good idea, or was it just a reminder of how awkward it looked seeing Nixon shaking hands with Elvis? Or how about this - inviting Donald Trump, of all people, to record a "robocall" which was then sent to hard-hit blue collar workers all over Michigan?
But then, even if all this succeeds in putting Rick Santorum back in his rightful place of second tier candidate, aren't you then vulnerable when the Obama administration announces a possible game-changing agreement with ancient enemy North Korea, all of it hammered out in secret? It's like the decision to go ahead and make this new breakfast food called "cornflakes" compared to the decision of what to put on the box containing the flakes. One is important, and the other one's....fluff.
I don't mean to give fluff a bad name. Our society shows almost every day that under the right circumstances, a person can go a long way on...not much. That's exactly how we got the celebrity culture that gave us the Kardasian sisters, Larry the Cable Guy and Mike (?), the star of the cable hit "Pimp My Ride". Anyone heard of what Joe the Plumber is working on these days?
But I digress. At some point, Mitt Romney will have to demonstrate to people outside his smallish natural constituency (Wall Street, Mormons, Libertarians) that he would make better decisions than Barack Obama. I personally think that is a tough hill to climb, but it has been done, and not that long ago, 1992 to be exact. Am I ready to take a spin on the Mittmobile come November? Ah, that would have to be "NO".


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