Monday, April 25, 2011

The Donald

Last week they gathered to mark the 105th anniversary of the San Francisco earthquake of 1905. Of course there are next to no survivors still, ah, surviving, but I was a little surprised to learn something else. Even then, there was international aid sent to help dig out from various disasters. The largest donor following that major quake? Japan, which sent around $250,000.

I suppose the majority of people, if asked, would guess that Donald Trump is the most wealthy presidential GOP wannabe this time around. I'm not sure about this, but I think Mitt Romney is richer, though not as high profile.
But let's assume that Trunp is a pretty rich guy even though it's clear he spends time every day trying to get even more cash in his well-manicured hands. Why would such a guy want to run, or at least pretend to run for president, given that running requires millions of dollars, is far from a sure bet, and carries a salary less than the Sultan of Brunei would carry in his back pocket if he weren't wearing robes.
So what makes The Donald run, assuming he's not possessed by an uncontrollable urge to selflessly serve the country that made him as well known as Heinz ketchup?
If we took Trump to be the same guy we see on TV, we'd simply attribute it to the man's massive ego. Who hasn't thrilled to his TV signature line "You're fired" and then wondered if running the country isn't really as simple as having a real man in charge, willing to send the corrupt bureaucrats packing to make room for a collection of testosterone-driven super patriots willing to carry out the boss' wishes, no questions asked.
The truth, something compels me to think, is more subtle. The real Trump, I'm thinking, is more nuanced than the TV character. Surely someone he trusts must have told him that the rest of the country is not like New York, and that having dumped two or three wives might dent one's credibility in certain states. In addition, the electorate might not feel comfortable getting behind someone as litigious as Trump, let alone his up-and-down business career. He has to know you can't fire Congress or the Supreme Court just to make sure you get your own way. Would he really like being followed and second-guessed every day over big and small issues by a million bloggers?
But then, just what is the Trump Master Plan that has him continuing to whip a dead horse issue (the birthers) even though the facts show him wrong every day? Maybe it's not so complicated after all. Maybe he needs the money. No, not the money paid to presidents- chump change in the circles Trump and spouse du jour like to be in. It's the TV money that may keep the big guy afloat while other assets are tied up in litigation of various kinds. Maybe more people will watch the Miss Universe Pageant (Trump-owned) or The Apprentice looking for a chance to see Trump declare something that sounds political behind the power of a solid pink tie.
All right. Maybe I don't know so much either, but I somehow think that Trump is clever enough to give himself a chance to come out looking smarter (and, more importantly, richer) than he did going in. After all, he's still holding back on the ultimate question: What about that hair, dude?


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