Monday, March 28, 2011

A Quandry

I wouldn't expect anyone to know this. Heck, I wouldn't know unless the blogography button on my computer hadn't said so, but this, today, is supposed to be my 250th entry under this space and name.
So, here's the quandry: What topic is worthy for this big occasion? There's the possible dialog between Lindsay Lohan and the corporate name change wizard on what her next name should be (she says she's changing it). I could spend a whole entry examining the merits of "Puff Mommy", "Ln-Z" or the Blackwater update "XE". But somehow the topic itself seems a little...fluffy. No sale.
There's the determined GOP governor in Maine who's so opposed to organized labor that he's having the state's Department of Labor Building's murals, which feature scenes of collecting bargaining, removed from the building entirely. Did you catch that? He's even against unions in artistic form. But I think he's already received his share of my attention.
Or, I could dip into history again. I decided that watching the Ken Burns documentary of the Civil War again is a good use of time. Here's my favorite quote from the era so far: a member of Congress and fellow southerner once described CSA President Jefferson Davis as "as cold as a serpent, and as ambitious as Lucifer." Ouch. Who says those folks didn't have a way with words?
I could describe in detail what qualifies all the possible Republican presidential candidates as "second stringers". Maybe I'll keep that one on the shelf awhile yet. Anyway. it was the exact same phenomenon that left the door open a crack for the 1992 Bill Clinton campaign to enter the race.
There's that organization first in the hearts of almost all Americans - not Medicare, but the NFL and its current labor troubles. I could use it as an excuse to explain how a strike differs from a lockout, and why the players don't really have the world by the tail as much as we might think.
I could even comment on the NCAA Basketball tournament, how you fill out a bracket, and why Richmond, VA is lucky enough to have TWO teams chosen to play for the title. Or I could explain why I found it impossible to find a team to support when North Carolina played Kentucky.
Japanese reactor meltdown, Elizabeth Taylor, Geraldine Ferraro, Warren Christopher, the end of spring training, the torrential local rains, my new barber and why we didn't go to Medford Saturday, even though we had planned to for weeks. All (sort of) worthy subjects for the 250th blog. Alas, my space is squandered. Perhaps #251 will actually be interesting.


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