Monday, January 17, 2011

New Blood for the GOP

I think I got it right last week. I mean, about the post-shooting political shots taken back and forth in the effort to get the American public to see the accused Mr. Loughner in a certain way. At any rate, the Arizona legislature seems to feel that the state's citizens have waited long enough. They're ready to adopt even LESS strict laws for would-be gun owners. I guess they see the state as a giant circle of upstanding citizens, all packing heat, with each gun stuck into the back of the next person in the circle. See? Everybody's safe now.

I see the Reagan half brothers, Michael and Ron, are on opposite sides of a new controversy dating back to the Gipper's days in the White House. Ron thinks he saw hints of dementia when his father was still president. Mike, ever the conservative, replies by calling Ron "an embarrassment" who's trying to boost sales of his new book. All I know is that Reagan wasn't indicted over Iran-Contra partly because the judge saw the president as losing the ability to speak in his own defense.

Michael Steele, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, found out what his fellow 'pubs thought of his efforts. Even though the party regained control of the House, Steele, the Party's first black chairman, couldn't get the votes to retain office. Maybe he'll be the next semi-famous FOX News correspondent.
The new blood taking over the job is Reince Priebus of Wisconsin. No, I don't know how the name is pronounced, but they do in the Badger State, where his efforts helped defeat Senator Russ Feingold in last fall's election. The new chairman is only 38 years old and looks young enough to be a contestant on American Idol.
Mr. Priebus may be a terrific guy, for all I know, but he's already done one thing that irritated me a little. Almost immediately after getting the nod from the RNC, he publicly thanked, not his wife, parents, professors or political mentors (of which Steele was one) , but - "Jesus".
Yes, it's a bit like the boxer who thanks the Big Guy after beating his opponent into a bloody pulp. If Jesus is a Republican, then where was He in '06 or '08? And if He was present in this last weekend's party meeting, then WHO was on Steele's side? And if Priebus is the man, why not just make him president, or world emperor and skip all the stops in between so as to put the good guys in charge again right away - permanently!
Sure, it seems like a little thing, but why do only Republicans get to talk as though they're in tight with the Almighty? If anyone ever caught Obama saying (as George W. Bush reportedly did) "God wants me to be president.", he'd be screamed at every day for that ALONE. Best of luck to Mr. P. in his new job, really. But, as I find myself sometimes saying to my fellow tennis players, let's keep Jesus out of it.


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