Monday, November 01, 2010

Highlights From the World of...

Well, it's Election Day. They say the GOP is in for a big night, though you'd have to know the statistics on hundreds of races to be sure. They also say it has been an especially "mean" year in terms of things said and written about opponents. We got one of those oversize letters today that was so angry at Sen Barbara Boxer that it not only never mentioned her opponent (Carly Fiorina), but demanded voters do something which cannot be done - "vote NO on Barbara Boxer for U.S. Senate". It came from "Americans For Limited Government". I guess they want to start limiting government by holding Senate membership to 99.

Oh, it feels so good when my Hawkeyes take on a good opponent and lay waste to them. Unbeaten Michigan State came to Iowa City last Saturday and left on the short end of a 37-6 torching. Heck, it was 30-0 at halftime. This moved our boys up in the polls exactly three spots. I guess the voters are waiting to see what happens vs. Ohio State.

I couldn't tell you whether the World Series, concluded tonight, drew big numbers of viewers, but I had fun watching, and not just the game. Here are some things I noticed: Tim McCarver and Joe Buck do the game for FOX, and they have a tendency to talk too much, sometimes trying to turn some statistical quirk into something of importance. Even so, McCarver, a onetime big league catcher, is pretty good at reading the minds of the pitchers and pointing out the managerial options. Tonight's game was a pitching duel, and I thought he was especially good at making the pitching part of the action. I noticed something odd. One of the dugout coaches was wearing one of those outsize watches that look like they're sold by the pound. Would anyone have less reason to know the time? I can't think of anyone, though I guess it's possible that someone paid him to wear it. And why not? Tennis players do it. The Chevrolet people have a new ad slogan - "Chevy runs deep". I think that's pretty good. It's a bit like saying "Yes, we've had troubles at GM, and you can't get an Oldsmobile or a Pontiac (or a Hummer) anymore, but we at Chevy plan to be around forever." And they have old factory footage and pics of bygone models to back them up. I notice, too, that the earth is about to come under attack again from some nasty-looking alien aircraft in an upcoming movie. Looks as though many of us will not survive. Finally, the wearing of beards has lost any meaning beyond hair. As a young person, I almost never saw a beard, then it was associated with counter-culture liberal types for a long time. But now they pop up just about everywhere on pitchers and hitters, especially the smaller chin-and-lower-jaw models. The Giant "closer" pitcher has a big beard blackened by shoe polish I guess, and the fans sometimes wear ridiculous copies as a kind of humorous tribute. No one asks him about his feelings on the war. Maybe in another 20 or 30 years they'll allow them again at good old BYU. But I won't hold my breath.


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