Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mostly Tiny Stuff

I was a little surprised to notice that, two months ago. I passed the milestone of four years writing this blog. Some opinions were and are bigger than others, but I hope I never run out of them.

Do you recall the mention of Vania King, one half of the Wimbledon Ladies Doubles Championship team despite her diminutive (5'5", 130 lb.) size? Darned if she, with the same partner, didn't repeat the feat, winning the U.S. Open concluded earlier this month.

And while we're recognizing tennis players, lets give some love to Mardy Fish, who lead the US to a Davis Cup victory over Columbia last weekend. Before you sneer, I should mention that Fish won all three matches he played in as many days totaling eleven hours of action in a refitted bullring in Bogota, a city with an altitude of 8,700 feet. Fish has also become a hero to weight loss enthusiasts following his dropping thirty pounds after surgery less than a year ago. If that's not enough, Mr. Fish is hardly a kid in terms of pro tennis. He's pushing thirty. Well done, amigo.

I caught a piece of evidence that supports the theory that the vampires are now hot stuff. Sure, there's the books and the movies - they could be turning up on school lunch boxes for all I know - but what got my attention was an ad for a Revlon product. I didn't catch what it is actually supposed to do, but it's called "Little Bites". I guess I should slather on lots of sun block every day now just to stay trendy.

Finally, the US military policy of "don't ask, don't tell" with regard to sexual preference of new volunteers is in the news again. You would think that the Republican Party, recognizing that, like it or not, we're still in at least one war, with plenty of uncertainties before us, would want to encourage all the qualified help for the military we can get, right? Not quite. Playing to their "not so big tent" base again, the GOP decided to oppose change to the current policy, which maintains the fantasy that OUR boys/girls are all heterosexual, even though there are no doubt people who AREN"T in probably every army, navy and air force in the world. The Senate vote to simply let every qualified person who wants to join up do so went down today. Maybe they can now pass a resolution of some kind that declares that there simply ARE no gays - anywhere.


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