Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Fall Collection

I was serious last week, so this week earns somewhat lighter material, mostly just based on...paying attention.
Family milestones keep flying by. It took almost 15 years for the two of us to bring seven children into the world. Now that the children have their own turn at reproduction, it's been eleven grandchildren in just over nine years. Number eleven, a little girl, entered mortality this week. Hooray!
My little CASA boy, described earlier this year, had a growth spurt this summer. He's now nine, and officially four feet tall. You can cross him off the future linebacker list, but he's doing fine.
I mentioned earlier this year the existence of a group of local women who have taken up the martial art known as roller derby. Their last exhibition of the season was a sellout, so they must be doing something right. Either that or someone underestimated the public appetite for violence.
You might recall my explanation of the "Law of Unintended Consequences", in which doing one thing causes other, unexpected things to happen. This time we get the report that shifting huge amounts of FBI employees and resources to the cause of anti-terror has left the G-men short when it comes to detecting and preventing shenanigans on Wall Street. Whodathunkit?
I don't know just why, but Russia is having a kind of popularity contest to name the greatest Russian of all. It looks as though the winner is destined to be, not a novelist, composer, scientist or royalty. You guessed it - #1 on the Russky hearts is (actually a Georgian) Joseph Stalin.
Finally, a change in the operations at the local tennis club is bringing to an end the weekly doubles matches I've been involved with there. I'm not a member, and am understandably excluded. My partner and I (total ages about 110) managed over several months to open a gap on our opponents (combined ages of almost 150), though we lost the last set, played yesterday. Guess I'll have to look for even older opponents willing to show up at the public courts. Maybe they'll start calling me "The Dominator". Maybe not.


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