Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I was talking with some guys last week and, perhaps not entirely innocently, asked the question, "What do you pray for if you are already bringing in two million dollars a MONTH?" A reply came pretty quickly - "Two million MORE."  Hmm.

I don't know how many people are reading this blog on a regular basis, but the ones who read and comment on it regularly are, ah, not so many. And from this crowd, I get feedback that seems to prefer entries that are more personal in nature. This week, you have your wish.
We have now lived here now for almost exactly seven years, all at the same address in a beautiful but hard to reach place in far northern California. For some reason I feel inclined to rethink some longstanding associations. Some, after all, may have lived out their usefulness. Here's the list of candidates.
High School - I have enjoyed the past reunions I've attended, but really. These are people I spent some important time with, but this year's event is forty five years and over two thousand miles removed from the here and now. On top of that, while it would be nice to see certain folks out of our class of 300 or so, there's no guarantee that any of them will be there, or that they wish to see me. My regular contacts with them have dwindled to zero, so it's just hard to say. VERDICT: I'll send in the form they sent me, enclose a pic if I can find one and order the updated directory. I hope it doesn't include too many deaths.
Iowa - The news I get from there is pretty second hand these days, and some of it just isn't good. The western part of the state, for instance, keeps electing a Republican maniac to Congress for no reason that I can see other than they don't know any better. True, it's still the home of two daughters and three granddaughters. And my favorite teams are mostly still based in the Hawkeye state. VERDICT: I can't cut the place off altogether, but let's hope the election goes our way in the fall.
Cedar Rapids - The flood from a few years back is still a big deal there. The streets are a mess, and some are even being cut off by new buildings. Lots of important things happen in the City of Five Seasons, but none of those require me to even visit. VERDICT: I can't think of why I would really need to go. Even our old home sits boarded up and unused.
Toastmasters - No reward or designation that TM hands out holds much interest anymore. Still, the meetings are fun, and I enjoy the de facto role of arbiter and self-appointed authority. Attending makes me miss a little tennis, but I can't play every day anyway. VERDICT: Stick around until it becomes clear that the rest of the members are tired of me.
Chamber Readers - That's the name of our little readers theater group that travels around the county doing little gigs at elementary schools. I'm supposed to get paid a humble sum, but haven't received a dime in almost a year. VERDICT: Doing the shows is fun, but nobody likes being exploited, and the trend for our dates is decidedly down. I may not have to make a decision on this one.
Netflix - It seems as though I've seen everything they have that's worth watching. I should start to investigate the alternatives. VERDICT: Stay with it for now.
Chicago Cubs - My default baseball team for decades now, this year's team just finished a twelve game losing streak, so they aren't likely to be playing in October. What's more, the current owner is evidently one of those Republican Sugar Daddies made possible by the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision. VERDICT: I could take up the Giants without much persuasion.
Tennis - Don't get me wrong. I'm thrilled to have any pastime that gives me a tie to youthfulness. But I no longer cover the court like a panther. VERDICT: I'd like to keep going as long as there are beatable opponents available. When there are none left, I guess I'll be stuck walking around the mall.
LDS Church - While it's undeniable that they do things that make me scratch my head sometimes, and that their universities sometimes seem more interested in rule enforcement than scholarly achievement, that's not enough to go elsewhere. VERDICT: Nothing changes, except for the faces of our local congregation.
Blogging - Hey, I just started a 2nd one, so there must be something in it, right?          


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