Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Early September is when Congress reconvenes to tackle things that haven't been resolved yet. We know big things are expected when the President comes on national TV to grab the headlines away from the other side, as he did tonight. The subject was health care - and paying for it. One major player in this issue has gone for good - Senator Ted Kennedy, who was invoked on behalf of the President's cause. I continue to wish Mr. Obama well. In the long run, it's not the obstructionists we honor, but the ones who make, finally MAKE, things happen, and I don't mean invasions.

The pro tennis world has four major tournaments each year: in Australia, France, the U.K. and our own US Open, contested in New York City. Australia's too far for most people to ever get to, but the other three all have things that make them unique even though it's the same game and many of the same players.
For instance, at Wimbledon, near London, the players have to go with a little more tradition. By rule, the players all wear white. But at the US Open, being played now, you can wear any color you like. Today I saw a match between two guys in orange shirts and black shorts. It was as though they were contending for the championship of Halloween. Tonight the world's #1 one player, Mr. Federer of Switzerland, wore black shoes and socks and looked a bit like he was waiting for his suit to come back from the cleaners.
The women players are also known to want to generate their own "look". Most of them are tall and slender, like models, but with athleticism and terrific suntans thrown in. Some wear dresses, others go for some version of tops, both with and without sleeves, and skirts. No one asks ticket holders if they came to see Nadia's hot pink ensemble, but to many the outfits add value to the ticket.
Then there's Serena Williams. Last night she wore a black dress with a purple fringe and matching headband. She looked, and I mean this in the most positive way, like a battleship loaded for war in the service of the Nike Nation. Unlike most of the other players, her figure is, uh, pronounced, and I would guess she looks formidable even in pajamas decorated with little duckies. But when it's time to compete, just seeing her makes you want to be sure you brought your "A" game, or she could make the match brief and painful.
Well, that's enough of that. Don't you just hate old guys who think they know something about fashion? I know I do.


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