Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Graduation Time Notes

Time to catch up on things that are either odd or just surprising. I never want to be one of those jaded guys who's always saying "I'm not surprised." You know the type I'm talking about.

Some of you would rather pierce your own eyelids than try to understand sports jargon, but it still has to be said. Our local gals became national NCAA Division II softball champions last Saturday. Their games were not walkovers. One went 17 innings! Pitcher Lizzie Prescott went 41 innings in four games and only gave up ONE run. I hope they rename something on campus in her honor.

We planned a trip for some church members Saturday to one of the temples. An older guy with a handicap from a 25 year-old head injury suffered in a motorcycle accident wanted to go, but I wasn't sure he should. The trip takes eleven hours or more even in good circumstances. He solved the problem for us ---by dying in his sleep about 25 hours before we were scheduled to leave. R.I.P., Norm.

I was looking for 0ur City Hall to declare a holiday last week - Show Off Your Tatoo Day. Our usually moderate temp soared to a steamy 79 degrees, a new record!

Two items pertaining to President Bush: he recently said something so strange as to make me wrinkle my brow. Did he actually say that in recognition of the Iraq war and casualties from it, he decided to give up.......golf? Exactly how did he feel the American public was going to react to that? The second item: one day after the Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said that we needed to "engage" with Iran, Mr. Bush, speaking to the Israeli Knesset, accused Barack Obama, though not by name, of "appeasement" for wanting to meet with the leaders of Iran. Naturally, he cited World War II Germany as the model. Fellas, can't you at least get on the same page?

Finally, we finish where we started - with a female athletic team. A group of local women have been beating each other up practicing the macho (maybe in their case "facha") sport of roller derby. Yes, roller derby. They now plan to showcase their skills in an exhibition. These women, I must add, do not represent any school or college. They just love to deal out pain. Anyway, the proceeds from admission ($7 a seat and down) will go towards - preventing domestic violence. That's like serving Meat Lover's pizza at a gathering of Jewish vegetarians.


Anonymous Jake said...

Loved the last paragraph. Sign me up for a couple tickets!

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