Friday, July 28, 2006

the REAL governmant

Sure, you took a course in school about the 3 branches of our national government. Maybe you were given a merit badge for knowing all about "checks and balances". That's pretty much over with., whatever they're teaching these days in Poli Sci 101. I'm the REAL government, the executive branch.
Think not? Think your vote for congressman or senator makes a difference in how the country is run or what the headlines say? Think again. I can stir up fear amoung the people so great that they go against their own natural tendency to be AGAINST war. I can point to "threats" out there, then claim that keeping secrets makes it necessary to say almost nothing about the threat itself, like the old horror movies that kept you in suspense as to what the monster looked like, which made you even MORE frightened. This fear makes people line up to give away rights to privacy they'd never surrender under ordinary circumstances. If anyone complains, I just have my friends in the "news" business make fun of them until they're shamed into silence. They hate being called "liberals"so much that they censure themselves! The New York Times knew for a year (!), and before the last election that I was snooping into phone records, but they kept their mouths shut about it.
That's just the start. They said somewhere that I had to get a warrant before doing these things. They set up a little court so powerless that I could even start snooping BEFORE getting the warrant, but I showed them. I don't ask for warrants at all now. It's better that way, because the fewer people know (and the less any ONE of them knows) what I'm doing, the better I like it.
I don't have to draft anyone. I just make promises to make the recruits "experts" in running computers and they sign up. Pathetic! I don't need a declaration to make war, just some little resolution exploiting that fear will do fine. I appoint the people in the courts, in fact they were very helpful in putting me in office in the first place. If they get out of line, well, they can be made to look like fools as well, and they don't like it either. Right now, most of them are Catholics, so they're used to taking orders from the ones who are REALLY in charge. One call to "Nino the Fist" gets the message across pretty well.
I don't have to raise taxes. We just defer the bill for the next generation of citizen/suckers. Hey, NOBODY wants a tax increase, right? And deficits? Most people aren't even sure what the word means, and if they do, they also know we've had those before. So what do they care?
And they don't care if we torture a few of these pitiful Towelheads either. We just keep that part more out of sight even though they know we're doing it. If Cuba's too close, there's the whole continent of Europe, where we can take turns, then simply deny anything goes on. Does torturing help? We haven't decided yet, but I'm not telling the prisoners it DOESN'T because I may want to really put the screws to one or two special customers. Sadly, this does mean that when our people are captured it can be rough for them, but so far they're still lining up for 'computer training" at the recruiting offices.
Things have worked out pretty well. The vice president is a guy so rich and loyal that he'll say ANYTHING we tell him to, though usually we just have him speak in front of audiences like the NRA. You know, friendly crowds who think like I do. The guys who make the voting machines (and hold patents on the software!) are friends, as are lots of local folks in charge of elections. We treat them right. Just ask what's-her-name in Florida, Harris? The Israelis are taking bullets for us again. Sure it's costly, but not to the friends WE have, the ones about to be exempted from estate taxes. Think they won't remember that? Think again.
There's always another election down the road, but that Clinton guy was so easy to bash that the old hate machine is intact, greased, loaded and ready to roll anywhere we tell it to. Yep, hate and fear is what got us to this level. A hundred years ago we got lots of mileage off of "waving the bloody shirt" reminding people who the good guys were in the Civil War. Now we just wave the GAP dress and people know what to do. If we think they'll forget, we just start talking about gays and abortion as if none of OUR people ever had one. They line up like lemmings, totally forgetting that we're letting their jobs go across the border.
Man, this stuff is easy, and almost as much fun as cutting brush at the horseless ranch. See y'all at the barbeque. We'll have the TV on switching back and forth from watching Condi tell people to give war a chance to NASCAR and back. Hooowee!


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